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A social todo list web app. The goal inital goal of this web app was to learn angular and some backend development using NodeJS. However throughtout the time I worked on this project I got to learn how to use more technology. Using this web app allows for multiple users to interact with a list page concurrently.


TampaDevs is a community-led nonprofit software development community in Tampa Bay. The mission is to accelerate access to high-quality training and career opportunities in Tampa’s software industry.

Valencia Web Studio

The challenge behind this project was styling the website without change any of the pre-written html. Using only CSS I had to get creative with how I layed out and stylized the page.



Blockidex is blockchain social network. I interned as a Frontend Engineer where I primarily worked on the front facing pages of the site. I worked as a UI Designer and Frontend Developer but also got to work along side the other developers.